The recording of killing a reporter and hanging an African-American was exposed, causing public outrage. The Sheriff of an Ohio county and others were urged to resign.

Recordings of killing journalists and hanging African Americans are exposed…Ohio police chief provokes public outrage

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▲A reporter recorded a conversation between McCurtain County Sheriff’s Office staff, in which they talked about hiring a murderer to kill two local journalists and lynching African-Americans. After the conversation was made public, public outrage aroused calls for the three officers to be fired.

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A scandal broke out in the McCurtain County Sheriff’s Office in Oklahoma, USA. A reporter recorded a conversation between the Sheriff and his colleagues. They talked about hiring assassins to kill reporters, and using lynching to hang African Americans. The remarks After the exposure, public outrage aroused, and public opinion called for the personnel involved to be fired. The Sheriff’s Office accused the tape of illegal leakage and tampering, and did not rule out filing a lawsuit against the whistleblower. However, the reporter who disclosed the matter insisted that the tape was legal and the content was accurate, and more details would be released.

Based on reports from the Associated Press and NBC, the Oklahoma Sheriffs Association unanimously approved on the 18th that McCurtain County Sheriff Kevin Clardy, police investigator Alicia Manning and jail administrators involved in the case Larry Hendrix was suspended from the association, but the three men’s jobs at the Sheriff’s Office continued. Before the association issued its decision, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt called on the three people to resign.

The McCurtain Sheriff’s Office responded by describing the incident as “complex,” insisting that the local newspaper “McCurtain County Gazette-News” “illegally obtained” the recording and tampered with the content, potentially violating the ban on third parties. State law on secret recordings does not preclude felony prosecution of newspapers. However, lawyers representing the newspaper stressed that the recordings were not tampered with and were obtained legally. The newspaper plans to make all the recordings public and hand them over to the FBI and the Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office.

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On the other hand, hundreds of people left messages on the Sheriff’s Office’s social networking page, expressing support for the reporter while rebuking Clardy. Joey Senat, a journalism professor at the University of Oklahoma, said that according to state law, recording is legal if there is “no reasonable expectation of privacy” in the recording location.

The incident originated from a meeting of the County Committee on March 6. Bruce Willingham, a newspaper reporter and press supervisor, received the news that he suspected that someone was illegally discussing county affairs in secret after the meeting, so he stayed at the meeting place. He removed the recording equipment and recorded a conversation between County Sheriff Mark Jennings and three people involved in the case, including Willingham and his son, who was also a reporter for the newspaper. During this period, Jennings said that he knew where “there are two deep holes.” Clardy said, “I have an excavator.” Jennings later said that he knew 2 to 3 killers, and complained that African Americans could not be hanged because “they Have more rights than us”. The conversation aroused public outrage after being made public, and the outside world called for the four people involved in the case to step down.

Records show that the Willinghams have a history of feuding with the Sheriff’s Office. Willingham once reported on the death of a man who was attacked with a stun gun by a police officer, while Chris published many articles exposing the Sheriff’s Office. Disadvantages.

Complained about lynching of black people and killing of journalists

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